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There are no shortcuts.

We believe success (whether the goal is small or big) is accomplished at the fundamental stage,
not the execution stage (in other words, patience and effort!). The finesse of these great
athletes (horses) and their riders can only have a chance to develop, over time, as long as a
strong foundation is there. Basics develop over various time frames dependent on each horse
(bloodlines can be a strong factor) and each rider, yet are the key to ultimately successfully
demonstrating finesse and fine tuning or just simple obedience in doing their job, whatever it
may be.

What we offer

    • Lessons
    • Lessons for both horse owners and non-horse owners, from beginners to advanced. Lessons are private or in small groups (3 or less).
    • Training
    • We offer various levels of training from breaking young horses to training, rehabilitation, and tune-ups of show horses of all ages.
    • Sales
    • We often have fantastic young prospect and older more solid horses for sale. Please feel free to check with us if you are looking for something not shown on the website, as we may have others that are not posted yet.